Episode 11: Car Crash Audio

This week we find out Gam3overUK is all about competitive gaming, no small talk allowed. Viva la Pedros has an alcoholic baby. Dr_Wooly finally gets the keys to his new house, is everything perfect? Or is he gonna have to get all SFV on the developers!? And StepJay tells us about Rocket League, car crashes and video gaming in the buff. Index Pre show- 0.00 Intro- 0.54s Geek week- 4m 12s Record Breakers- 38m Game Charts- 51m 28s News- 56m 24s Games Club- 1hr 23.54 Q & A- 1hr 37m Shout outs- 2hr 13.28 Outro, bonus - 2hr 18.42

Games played

  • Rocket league, SFV & The Divison Beta. Review Game - Tap tap dash