Episode 13: Unlucky for Some

This week we find out StepJay is a better gamer than he is a decorator and he secretly loves Take That. Gam3overUk hasn't been arrested, but he should be charged with harassment for trying to get others to buy pes 2016 and is convincing the rest that 8 out of 10 games are normally terrible and not worth playing! Dr_Wooly is back, and better than ever by defending his 8 out of 10 Street Fighter game to the death! And Viva La Pedros... Yeah he's here also! Played Games: Rocket League, The Division, PES 2016, Sashimi, Into The Dim, Halo 5, Alpha Bear and Prune. Index Pre show- 0.00 Intro- 1m 45 Geek week- 6m 31 Record Breakers- 29m 57 Game Charts- 43m News- 47m 17 Games Club- 1hr 8m 40 Q & A- 1hr 24m 8 Shout outs- 1hr 39m 30 End- 1hr 47m 8

Games played

  • Rocket league, the division, pes 2016, sashimi, into the dim, halo 5, alpha bear and prune