Episode 15: Doc Is Down... Call In The Vets

We have our first ever guest appearance on this week, he's a Black Country lad from Wolverhampton who hates talking and especially about his own Podcast, its Mike Chinny from Veteran Gamers Podcast! We also learn Stepjay is annoyed he has to go back to work and leave his little, cute Xbox One at home by herself. Viva La Pedros is getting into The Division a bit more and has found another Rocket Leagues fan. There's a major crises at the Gam3over household, he has lost his hair bobble and him and Chinny look like brothers from other mothers with the same look (Check it out on Twitch). Lastly, we call out another Podcast... listen to see who that is!

Games played

  • We have played Rocket Leagues, The Divison, Doom Beta (do not buy this game!), FFXV, Gat Out of Hell, Blops 3 & Color Switch