Episode 17: Even The Best Need A Rest

In this week’s podcast we have 2 special guests in the form FishPotato Games. We ask them about how development went with Voxplode 2. A mobile phone game that is out now on iOS and Android. Also we are having to deal with StepJays beatboxing sounds, as the host with the most (Viva La Pedros) is taking a short break to the Isle of Fernandos, however, we think If Dr Wooly wasn't a hack and slash warlord who happily kills men with bows by day, could actually be a dead cert to one day to take over Terry Wogan's spot on BBC2 and Eurovision! Gam3overUK has joined the ranks of fatherhood, a proud moment in his life, not sure which he was prouder of, his daughter or the intro he received... listen and find out! News stories: Project Spark, Disney infinity, Lion Head Studios, Nintendo mobile, and gaming through your TV. COD Black Ops goes backwards compatibility, new PC graphic cards (1080 and 1070 GTX NVidia)

Games played

  • Wolf among us, uncharted 4, dark souls 3, slither I.o, give it up 2, PSE bay.