Episode 19: An Eggcellent Podcast

This week Truskill Games launch their very first mobile game Catch Co Available now on iOS and android for FREE!The team will also be covering the latest E3 news, reviews, game charts, game facts, and your questions and answers.We also hear how Gam3overUK goes to the farm to find out the secrets of making the perfect milkshake. StepJay gets motion sickness from the latest game he has played, Viva la Pedros tells his tails of a Prague stag do and Dr Wooly challenges is anyone tough enough to try and take his crown from the top of the IOS Catch Co leaderboards!!The score to beat is 362 and Wooly vows the first one to beat him gets a signed T-shirt.We also review the game Board 2 Death.

Games played

  • Mirrors Edge, MMX Hill Climb, Never Alone, Marvel Puzzle Quest, Talisman, Tipping Point, and CATCH CO!!!