TruSkill Games Episode 7: Twitch Premier

This week Dr Wooly spends Christmas at the Ritz aka The Dr Wooly house hold, eating caviar and he finally finishes Bloodborne... Wooah! Gam3overUK cures Dr Wooly from all his illnesses, was Gam3overUK born in a stable all those years ago? Stepjay has just been relaxing for Christmas and gave way too many kisses to Gam3overUK because he likes to spread the love... Sloppy... And Viva La Pedros gets a Wii U finally! Listen to his views in this newly purchased console. Gam3overUK makes Christmas dinner even better by adding just a little bit of ketchup and Dr Wooly is in disarray and he gets a Xbox Elite controller! Massive thank you for Bobafettlv for being a good sport and all the great questions this week.

Games played

  • SF V Beta, Minecraft with the new update, Endless Sky, Endless Sniper and Mario Kart,