TruSkill Games Podcast Episode 3: That Pesky Yetti!

Gam3overUK is missing, presumed dead as he went off to chase the Yetti in the Himalayas and missed the birth of Lil'Pedrietta, we also believe Viva La Pedro missed it too, as he was so engrossed in his mobile phone games while his wife was giving birth. Dr Wooly has finally finished Batman, find out if he was happy with the ending. He also tells us how sadistic he is by forcing his girlfriend to watch Sci-Fi films and always nudging her when she nods off. We find out that StepJay is a Roller Skater Choir Boy and shows off his talent. He tells us some great tips to tune your controller with Forza 6. Next podcast will be a Halo Special!

Games played

  • Shooty Skies, Score Hero, Yetti Mountain, Batman (concluded), PL Story and Peggle Blast.