Episode 21: Carnage Without A Step

In this week's episode we discuss what 4 drinks we would take on a dessert island, which ones would you take? We have a special guest, please welcome Matt Mellor aka mecarnage. We have some awesome game facts of Metal Gear Solid and how much Kojima hates mono TVs. We discuss Xbox Scorpio, Pokemon Go, Gam3overUK has been teaching an American, @OC_Amahryllis from the G4TE podcast how to play FIFA 16. She's probably still better than Stepjay! :-) Stepjay however is missing, he now in the elite team of missing at least one podcast, no one knows where he is, no one cares lol! Viva La Pedro has downloaded about 100 games because they were £4 each and he won't play ever, just like Fallout 4...! Matt has been attacked by savage seagulls, yes... seagulls, learn what he does to them, David Attenborough would be appalled! We also brag how much better we are at games after we faced off against the G4TE podcast team, however, they are a great bunch of guys.

Games played

  • Head Ball, Pokemon Go, FIFA 16, Forza 6 and Rocket Leagues