Episode 22: We have SpeakPipe Installed

Seems like we have had a big week on this weeks Truskill Gaming Podcast and we have all been playing games, strange that for a gaming podcast! Viva La Pedros and Stepjay have different opinions on playing Inside on Xbox One. StepJay manages to get viewers gamer handles completly wrong while Dr Wooly is still trying to complete the challenges on Gravity Switch on iOS, he has also been playing a mobile game called RPG Dash Quest. Viva La Pedros plays a remake of Micro Machines, does he love it or hate it? He also plays Ravel, or is that Unravel? Find out what happened when Truskill Games pitted against the Overseas Connection Podcast team on Halo 5 Multiplayer. Pokemon is now bigger than Tindr and we discuss it again and what we think about it after 2 weeks after release. We speak about Amazon releasing price and for the PS4 and what month it's out in 2016. No Man's Sky infridgment has been thrown out of court, they are really having a tough time of it. There are some awesome questions this week, thank you for those as always and we have now installed SpeakPipe on our website, come and leave us a question. We've had an great one already!

Games played

  • Halo 5 Multiplayer, Unravel, Dash Quest, Inside, Gravity Switch on iOS & Micro Machines on iOS