Episode 23: Rainbow 6 Siege Games For Gold

As Rainbow 6 Siege is now on sale for the month of August on Xbox One, we discuss what we think of the new Ubisoft instalment of the series. We played Terrorist Hunt and 5 vs 5 Multiplayer. There are some underlining deep tactics for this game that need to be thoroughly thought about when playing and communication in Rainbow 6 Siege specifically is key. Is it the modern CSGO? Make sure you watch when Truskill Games plays Overseas Connection, see who will be Truskill Winner!

Other News:

Hidden Master Chief Etched into the Xbox One S Hidden away within the body of the new Xbox One S console Microsoft have etched an effigy of the Xbox mascot, Master Chief. You can only find this Easter egg by stripping down the console and voiding the warranty but for many xbox fans it seems a google search of the effigy will do just fine.

Overwatch Celebrate the Olympics with Rio Skins The popular Blizzard FPS Overwatch this week celebrates the launch of the 2016 Olympic Games by including limited time Olympic-themed loot boxes as well as a soccer-style game mode called Lucioball. With many companies jumping on the Olympic bandwagon will Overwatch find Gold with the patch or fail to move out of the qualifying heats?

The Division Film Officially Announced In a previous show we brought news that a division film was rumoured, this week official confirmation has arrived that a feature length cinematic release of Ubisoft’s The Division is real and will star celluloid hero’s Jake Gyllenhaal & Jessica Chastian who will also produce the movie through their own respective companies.

Truskill Update:

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Geek Week:

Dr Wooly has been watching the TV comedy The Community, BoJack Horseman and playing 15 plus hours again on Dark Souls 3 on PS4, has this guy got anything else to do or is it just pure addiction?

He has played Fury, a free PS+ game on PSN, a side scrolling shooter mixed with beat’em up mechanics, with samurai digital future prison art and with fantastic visuals, but is it worth the price of free?

StepJay has been interested in the Olympics, been back to his motherland (not Mars as many of you were thinking) and has had his rematch with Chinny on Snooker Championship 2016 tying the games to 1-1. The grudge match will be soon! StepJay loves Snooker Championship 2016 but struggles without the aids… where’s the Truskill in that?

Gam3overUK congratulates Zlatan Ibrahimović, #pogback and Manchester United for winning the league next year. He has played the official Olympic Games on mobile phone. The game events include on this highly polished mobile game include, Basketball, Football, Archery, Tennis and Table Tennis, the typical games of the Olympic Games… Gam3overUK has been listening to Halo soundtrack when working to give him more motivation and he has started to listen to “My Dad Made a Porno”, can 4 episodes get Game3overUK hooked?

Viva La Pedros has been listening to some great new podcasts, listen to his recommendations. After finally getting the last Rocket Leagues achievement, they have moved the “goal posts” and now he is needs to unlock more to reach that “goal” again, damn you developers! He discusses more of Unraveled, has he enjoyed it enough to go back to 100% complete it?

Gam3overUK Game Facts:

Gam3overUK’s Facts starts with P this week and it’s about the legendary Pacman game, everyone loves this game, everyone can play this game and find out some great facts on how this became a huge success and douchness of Billie Mitchell.

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Games played

  • Rainbow Six Seige, Dark Souls 3, Unraveled, Snooker Nation 2016, Grand Theft Auto 5 and FIFA Pro Clubs