Episode 25: Raided By Totalbiscuit & We Play Battlefield One

We have a cracking podcast this week for you on this week's show including news about Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Remaster, Battlefield One and the great TotalBiscuit fans raid our Twitch Stream

Twitch Raid

We were fortunate to have someone so famous asking their fans to Twitch Raid our stream. It was crazy and we didn't know what was happening until it dawned upon us. Thank you TotalBiscuit, we at Truskill Games love your work!

Team 17 receive £16.5 million investment

Previously mentioned in episode 17 of the TruSkill Games Podcast and best known for creating the video game series Worms, UK based studio Team 17 have secured a £16.5 million invested from private equity firm LDC.

Quick to spend the newly available funds, the Wakefield and Nottingham based developer has acquired Mouldy Toof, the micro studio responsible for the Prison break game and the escapist, which sold over 1.8 million units generating almost £14million in revenue.

Team 17 who pride themselves on being an independent studio will remain majority shareholders of the company, with Dale Alderson and Dan Smith of LDC Leeds, joining the board as non-executive directors.

The internet loses its mind after YouTube changes its terms of service agreement.

Many high profile YouTubers made videos on the news that YouTube will no longer monetise videos that what they consider are not "advertiser friendly" with topics such as war political conflicts natural disasters and tragedies among the list of banned subjects.

However after the dust has settled and the new terms are more closely examined. It turns out that this practice has been going on for many months and only now are creators being told of the de-monetisation but also that there is now an appeal process which means you can now discover why it's been de-monetised change the video and start earning money for your content.

Panic over people!

Nintendo: Not a fan of their fans?

Nintendo have issued take down requests and look to kill over 500 fan made games featuring their beloved Nintendo stars. These homages were a tribute to stars like Zelda, Pokémon Stellar, Mario and Super Metroid.

Most of the games were hosted on Game Jolt and these creators shared their passion for free.

Nintendo of course have every right to take these games down, but fans have reacted angrily over the decision.

It's not the first time Nintendo have decided to annoy their fans, remember "Let's Play"?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered

This news has been circling around for a while but more info is now available. Fans across the world are rejoicing to see this modern classic shooter by Infinity Ward being recreated in full glorious HD, but there is a small catch... which version of Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare will you purchase to get this remaster version of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare? Legacy, Digital Deluxe or Legacy Pro? There will be no physical disc version of the game.

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Games played

  • Battlefield One, FIFA 17 Pro Clubs, Kingdom, Earthworth Jim HD, Snooker Nation Championship, Darksouls 3