Episode 27: The Spoon & The Sandwich

This week on the Truskill Games Podcast we have Tomb Raider facts for you to listen to and Dr Wooly has started to play some games friends, who would of thought?!

Call of Duty Remaster

More news on one of the most popular franchises in the gaming world, Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered edition requires the Infinite Warfare Disc to be inserted to be played. Of course this doesn't apply to digital users, but you can't sell or exchange your physical copy if you want to just play the remastered version.

As we stated last time, in order to play Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered you will have to purchase the Legacy Edition, Legacy Pro Edition, Digital Legacy Edition, and the Digital Deluxe Edition.

It also looks like you can play the early version on PS4 of the campaign by getting a redeem code from your retailer from where you brought the disc from, of course this will be readily downloadable for digital pre-orders.

Let us know what you think of the campaign via social media.

No Man's Sky Now Becoming A Horror Game

No Man's Sky space exploration game is fast becoming a survival horror for developer Hello Games. Seemingly determined to make as many enemies in the industry as possible, yet again they've come under fire, this time dragging digital distributor Valve down with them. After a number of complaints made to the Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) the UK's independent regulator of online marketing, an investigation has begun to validate claims of false advertisement.

Both Hello Games and Valve are under investigation for content available on the Steam store however if the ASA rule deceitful marketing has taken place, any platform advertising the same or materially similar claims will be forced to remove its content. This is yet another blow for No Man's Sky following last month's criticism from Sony's Shuhei Yoshida, who was quoted saying that he believed the developers were promising more than they could deliver. Despite the never ending stream of bad news, it does look like there is a silver lining. Recently the modding community have taken to No Man's Sky creating "No Guys Sky" a collision of the original game and FPS Doom and rumours of a Mario based mod have been reported by VG247.

Gears Of War Spin Off Genre

waiting for nearly 10 years for the last guardian to be released. Sony entertainment announced that The Last Guardian will be delayed one last time before its release later this year. We also discuss journalist's feedback about the game after a playable demo was available to play at this year's Tokyo game show. It's not good news!

Xbox One Scorpio Priced To Be Premium

When the Xbox One Scorpio finally gets here (2017 release), fans should expect to pay a price reflective of its status as a "premium console" according to Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer.

Spencer has gone on to mention how Microsoft have designed the Xbox one 'S' and the Xbox one 'scorpio' in "parallel" to set a reasonable "price continuum".

With that information to hand it is fair to assume that the price increase could be a hefty one, especially as the Scorpio is expected to be a great deal more powerful than the Xbox S.

Although to reassure fans Spencer has gone on to say "people shouldn't expect to see a price point unlike anything they have seen before."

Hard to see where this price point could be, but if like previous consoles we can see that the Xbox One came in at £429/$499 and even the PS3 was released at a staggering £425/$599, but a more up to date price point would be the PS4 Pro when it launches this year at £349.

Where will the Xbox one Scorpio price fit in? Time will tell.

Gears Of War Franchise May Have A Spin Off

Firstly a little teaser from "The coalition "the developers of the latest gears of war franchise, gears of war 4. When asked the cheeky question by one of the audience, "if you could make a gears game in a different genre what would you pick?" They shuffled uncomfortably saying "we must be careful how we answer this" they playfully said "it would be fantastic to see the gears universe in a different style of game" gears Pachinko anyone?

Reddit Takes Down North Korea

My second story of the week focuses on the news that "reddittors” inadvertently shut down North Korea's internet early this week after a moderator posted what he thought was an innocuous thread revealing all 28 (yes that number is correct) websites that are available to visit if you live and are lucky enough to be allowed to own a computer in North Korea. Unfortunately with Reddit having quite a large community of readers it was only a matter of time before the curiosity of the internet desperate to see what is on the North Korean internet broke the system because of the huge numbers visiting only 28 websites. Oops. On a side note. GTAV has 83 fake websites you can visit.

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