Episode 29: Gam3overUK In The Attic

There is no Gam3overUK this week… has he been frightened by all the ghouls and goblins of Halloween? Find out more on this weeks Truskill Games Podcast!

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare: "Pay to Win?"

In recent years Activision has slowly implemented supply drops into every call of duty. In these cases players were able to get gun variants with different stats which enabled players to get an upper hand on the battlefield. But to balance out the game guns would have different stats shuffled around so you might gain on one hand but lose out on something else like fire rate. This year however, this doesn't seem to be the case with infinite warfare. Whilst playing the beta players noticed there were 5 tiers of weapons.

Normal, Common, rare, legendary and epic. Each gun not only has its own perk set but now they also have a secondary perk Granting the weapon such perks as Masterkey, which adds an under barrel shotgun. Or Sensor, which causes enemies to show up on the mini map when damaged. These perks make these weapons fundamentally better than the standard ones you get in the game. These upgrades can be purchased with "salvage" which is the games internal currency. Unfortunately you can also get these upgrades by unlocking them in supply drops which of course cost real money meaning that theoretically you could come up against a player that has dropped a fist full of dollars at the game on day one to get all the best gear. This of course has all be discovered in the beta and it is possible however, but unlikely that things will change before the game drops on November the 4th. In the meantime… Titanfall 2 is awesome!

Game Charging For Testing VR

For those of you not familiar with the UK's dominate game store; it's called Game and this week they've been kind enough to invite customers into stores to play the PlayStation VR for a measly £5 for 10 minutes or £15 for 30 minutes. Now that may sound like a rip off but if you do go on to actually purchase a PlayStation VR unit, your demo cost will be reimbursed in full. During the demo you won't be able to actually touch the unit itself, instead a subservient member of staff will come along and crown the VR unit on your face. And what you'll actually play is a mystery, let's hope it's not an Alien game where you try to fend off a wave of facehuggers! But if the thought of paying £15 to be deaf and blind surrounded by a bunch of complete strangers was enough to make your eyes water, then the growing concern that sharing a VR unit could give you ocular herpes surely ices the cake. Yes the story takes another turn, and although I have to point out that there have been no cases of eye herpes reported from people using headsets at Game (I presume they've actually heard of hygiene, which is more than I can say for the people working behind the counter at CEX), one studio developer was unlucky enough to have caught the virus from a headset at the office… at least that's what he claims. So if you've been to Game recently to play the PlayStation VR and are now suffering from swelling around the eyes, tearing, recurrent eye infections, sensitivity to light and my personal favourite, foreign body sensation, it might be time to visit your optician; you've got herpes.

Xbox Scorpio Will Support Backwards Compatibility

After the overwhelming success of the backwards compatibility for the Xbox ones support of 360 games it only seems right that the Scorpio will offer the same.

With 250 confirmed 360 backwards compatible titles it's going to please Xbox game collectors across the board.

It asks the question, could Microsoft use backwards compatibility with all their future consoles? Meaning players game libraries are always full of your gaming favourites old and new!

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