Episode 30: Dr Wooly Is At A Furry Party

There is no Dr Wooly this week, he left a note saying he's dressing up as a furry animal. How much furrier can you get than a sheep? Have a listen and find out!

Super Mario Run release date announced: 15th December 2016

Super Mario Run release date announced. 15th December 2016.

Marios first trip outside a piece of Nintendo's hardware has been given an official launch date, and for those of you excited for this you only have one month left to wait.

Mario Run will be free to download with in-app purchases. For the unpaid version you can have a taste of the three game modes on offer, but if you want unlimited access then it will cost you $10!!!

There is no news if there will be any additional in app purchasing after that.

Mario is no stranger to being mobile, but now he can truly always be in your pocket!

Microsoft Xbox Celebrating 15 Years

This week was a very special week for Xbox live which turned 15 years old on the 15th of November. Major nelson, Aceybongos and many other Microsoft employees shared the memories and thoughts on this big day. Myself and the rest of the team have been members of Xbox live for over ten years respectively meeting many friends along the way and playing a myriad of games of all types and genre. So with that in mind here are the top 15 games played on Xbox line over the last 15 years starting with number 15.

15: Braid

14: Trials HD

13: Ninja Gaiden Black

12: Forza horizon 3

11: Geometry wars RE2

10: Grand theft auto SA

9: The orange box

8: Project Gotham racing

7: Call of duty 4

6: Fable 2

5: Star wars KOTOR

4: Bioshock

3: Mass effect 2

2: Gears of war 2

1: Halo Combat evolved

NES Classic makes a return for the holidays

Nintendo's NES Classic Edition sold out in minutes, when i was released last Friday, of course it was probably a marketing ploy by the ever so greedy people at Nintendo to hold back numbers so they are southt after around Christmas, there will probably be a shortage around then also like there was for the Wii and many people buying it for extraordinary amounts of money. After that rant, lets get on to the system itself.

It fits in the palm of your hand, it has a HDMI cable for new style TVs and it has original controllers that are plugged in via USB. It comes with 30 preloaded games including Pac Man, Super Mario, Super Mario 2, Super Mario 3, Punchout, Ninja Gaiden, Donkey Kong, Dr Mario, Final Fantasy, Zelda and many more.

They have added to perspective views on the console, a CRT filter so it looks true retro and perfect pixel mode so every games looks amazing in HD.

An extra controller will only cost you $10. When you do buy that, make sure you pick up 2 extra USB extension cables, as the new classic controller has a cable that is 5 feet shorter than the original approx 30 inches instead of the 91 inches the original controller cable was. Because the controllers are actually proprietary to Nintendo, you have to get a special cable (link will be on the website) https://www.amazon.com/My-Arcade-Extender-Cable-Gamepad-Classic/dp/B01M4QC20Y/ref=sr_1_1?srs=3445658011&ie=UTF8&qid=1479218861&sr=8-1&keywords=B01M4QC20Y%7CB01M34DLXD%7CB01MPZ8QL4%7CB01M4QC226%7CB01M5IH8K5 or get a really long HDMI lead with extension block for your plug.

It has launched already on Nov 11th in the US and the UK for $59.99 and £49.99. There have been 57 sold from one user on eBay for £129.99. It's the Wii all over again, the bastards.

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Games played

  • FIFA 17 Pro Clubs, Gear Of War 4, Titanfall 2, Mass Effect 3