Episode 24: Best Games Of Gamescom 2016


The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Best Wii U & Best Overall Game) - First publicised back in 2013, Nintendo have now scheduled the action adventure game’s release for 2017. Exclusive to the Wii U and NX users, follow the journey of protagonist Link after he arises from a 100 year sleep and sets out on a quest to defeat Calamity Galon with the help of a mystery voice to save the land of Hyrule once and for all. Scheduled release: 2017 Platform(s) Wii U, NX

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Episode 23: Rainbow 6 Siege Games For Gold


As Rainbow 6 Siege is now on sale for the month of August on Xbox One, we discuss what we think of the new Ubisoft instalment of the series. We played Terrorist Hunt and 5 vs 5 Multiplayer. There are some underlining deep tactics for this game that need to be thoroughly thought about when playing and communication in Rainbow 6 Siege specifically is key. Is it the modern CSGO? Make sure you watch when Truskill Games plays Overseas Connection, see who will be Truskill Winner!

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Episode 22: We have SpeakPipe Installed


Seems like we have had a big week on this weeks Truskill Gaming Podcast and we have all been playing games, strange that for a gaming podcast! Viva La Pedros and Stepjay have different opinions on playing Inside on Xbox One. StepJay manages to get viewers gamer handles completly wrong while Dr Wooly is still trying to complete the challenges on Gravity Switch on iOS, he has also been playing a mobile game called RPG Dash Quest. Viva La Pedros plays a remake of Micro Machines, does he love it or hate it? He also plays Ravel, or is that Unravel? Find out what happened when Truskill Games pitted against the Overseas Connection Podcast team on Halo 5 Multiplayer. Pokemon is now bigger than Tindr and we discuss it again and what we think about it after 2 weeks after release. We speak about Amazon releasing price and for the PS4 and what month it's out in 2016. No Man's Sky infridgment has been thrown out of court, they are really having a tough time of it. There are some awesome questions this week, thank you for those as always and we have now installed SpeakPipe on our website, come and leave us a question. We've had an great one already!

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Episode 21: Carnage Without A Step


In this week's episode we discuss what 4 drinks we would take on a dessert island, which ones would you take? We have a special guest, please welcome Matt Mellor aka mecarnage. We have some awesome game facts of Metal Gear Solid and how much Kojima hates mono TVs. We discuss Xbox Scorpio, Pokemon Go, Gam3overUK has been teaching an American, @OC_Amahryllis from the G4TE podcast how to play FIFA 16. She's probably still better than Stepjay! :-) Stepjay however is missing, he now in the elite team of missing at least one podcast, no one knows where he is, no one cares lol! Viva La Pedro has downloaded about 100 games because they were £4 each and he won't play ever, just like Fallout 4...! Matt has been attacked by savage seagulls, yes... seagulls, learn what he does to them, David Attenborough would be appalled! We also brag how much better we are at games after we faced off against the G4TE podcast team, however, they are a great bunch of guys.

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Episode 20: We Have Finally Cracked It On Twitch!


In this weeks show we speak about having a battle with all other podcasts to see who can get the best score on Catch Co, created by Truskill Games on iOS and Android. Gam3overUK has been stung by the tax man! Dr Wooly is addicted to Marvel Puzzle Quest and is wearing a dashing tie. Viva La Pedro is struggling to get his words out tonight, think he has been stitched up! Finally, Stepjay has his kiltacular T-shirt on even though he has never got such a reward! :-)

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Episode 19: An Eggcellent Podcast


This week Truskill Games launch their very first mobile game Catch Co Available now on iOS and android for FREE!The team will also be covering the latest E3 news, reviews, game charts, game facts, and your questions and answers.We also hear how Gam3overUK goes to the farm to find out the secrets of making the perfect milkshake. StepJay gets motion sickness from the latest game he has played, Viva la Pedros tells his tails of a Prague stag do and Dr Wooly challenges is anyone tough enough to try and take his crown from the top of the IOS Catch Co leaderboards!!The score to beat is 362 and Wooly vows the first one to beat him gets a signed T-shirt.We also review the game Board 2 Death.

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Episode 18: Gremlins Ate My Podcast


The Truskill Games Podcasts has finally come of age and hit its 18th edition. We review PSE Bay and interview the games creator- Eugeney Butokov. In this action packed episode you will find out what our hosts (viva la pedros, Gam3overUK, StepJay and Dr Wooly) have been up to in Geek Week, covering their shenanigans and what games they have been playing. They will also be discussing the recent gaming news, game charts, reviews, opinions and game facts. We will also be answering community questions and speak pipes. All this fun plus added gremlins!! We have 007 Golden Eye Facts

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Episode 17: Even The Best Need A Rest


In this week’s podcast we have 2 special guests in the form FishPotato Games. We ask them about how development went with Voxplode 2. A mobile phone game that is out now on iOS and Android. Also we are having to deal with StepJays beatboxing sounds, as the host with the most (Viva La Pedros) is taking a short break to the Isle of Fernandos, however, we think If Dr Wooly wasn't a hack and slash warlord who happily kills men with bows by day, could actually be a dead cert to one day to take over Terry Wogan's spot on BBC2 and Eurovision! Gam3overUK has joined the ranks of fatherhood, a proud moment in his life, not sure which he was prouder of, his daughter or the intro he received... listen and find out! News stories: Project Spark, Disney infinity, Lion Head Studios, Nintendo mobile, and gaming through your TV. COD Black Ops goes backwards compatibility, new PC graphic cards (1080 and 1070 GTX NVidia)

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Episode 16: Fishy Dilemma


This week on the Truskill Games Podcast we hear about the current UK game charts and latest gaming news. Plus we find out Dr. Wooly is training for a triathlon and had a secret admirer, Viva La Pedros is contemplating life after The Mighty Doves, and StepJay travels to Donnington Speedway and drops a fishy Dilemma on us. Also where is Gam3overUK?? Listen to hear our theories... News: NX rumours Twitch embarrassment Uncharted 4- Thieves!! COD- New trailer thoughts. Games club/review: The Pit

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Episode 15: Doc Is Down... Call In The Vets


We have our first ever guest appearance on this week, he's a Black Country lad from Wolverhampton who hates talking and especially about his own Podcast, its Mike Chinny from Veteran Gamers Podcast! We also learn Stepjay is annoyed he has to go back to work and leave his little, cute Xbox One at home by herself. Viva La Pedros is getting into The Division a bit more and has found another Rocket Leagues fan. There's a major crises at the Gam3over household, he has lost his hair bobble and him and Chinny look like brothers from other mothers with the same look (Check it out on Twitch). Lastly, we call out another Podcast... listen to see who that is!

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Episode 14: Baby StepJay Is Born


Dr Wooly has a warning for you all regarding escalators at London's European Hub, St Pancreas Station - so take heed... Gam3overUK tells everyone what he would do if the existence of man was coming to an end. Viva La Pedro, played some FPS games and got his ass handed too and StepJay has had a beautiful baby girl, not sure his missus was happy that he was asking his wife to push faster and then the doctors to release them early in order to make the start of the podcast!

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Episode 13: Unlucky for Some


This week we find out StepJay is a better gamer than he is a decorator and he secretly loves Take That. Gam3overUk hasn't been arrested, but he should be charged with harassment for trying to get others to buy pes 2016 and is convincing the rest that 8 out of 10 games are normally terrible and not worth playing! Dr_Wooly is back, and better than ever by defending his 8 out of 10 Street Fighter game to the death! And Viva La Pedros... Yeah he's here also! Played Games: Rocket League, The Division, PES 2016, Sashimi, Into The Dim, Halo 5, Alpha Bear and Prune. Index Pre show- 0.00 Intro- 1m 45 Geek week- 6m 31 Record Breakers- 29m 57 Game Charts- 43m News- 47m 17 Games Club- 1hr 8m 40 Q & A- 1hr 24m 8 Shout outs- 1hr 39m 30 End- 1hr 47m 8

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Episode 12: Is there a Dr in the house...? No, not this week!


Where the hell is Dr Wooly? Has he finally escaped the insane asylum or has he packed in the TruSkill Games podcast and gone to a competitor? Nah... we are too good! StepJay hasn't almost killed anyone this week and we find out how good he is on Rocket League. Viva La Pedro doesn't want to talk about how he has been compared to Remi Garde and how he is loving Rocket League still. Gam3overUK has had an eventful week, he got arrested, some say for being too sexy... some say for being a d*ick!

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Episode 11: Car Crash Audio


This week we find out Gam3overUK is all about competitive gaming, no small talk allowed. Viva la Pedros has an alcoholic baby. Dr_Wooly finally gets the keys to his new house, is everything perfect? Or is he gonna have to get all SFV on the developers!? And StepJay tells us about Rocket League, car crashes and video gaming in the buff. Index Pre show- 0.00 Intro- 0.54s Geek week- 4m 12s Record Breakers- 38m Game Charts- 51m 28s News- 56m 24s Games Club- 1hr 23.54 Q & A- 1hr 37m Shout outs- 2hr 13.28 Outro, bonus - 2hr 18.42

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Episode 10: aka Episode X


Gam3Over uk is back from India and has great things to say about his travels. Dance moves and cockroaches included. Viva la Pedros weighs up his options for some intimate Botox. Dr_Wooly hurts his back doing unweighted squats,or that's the story he's going with anyway. And StepJay manages not to have any work related incidents....oh wait...he did nearly burn the place down!!!

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When Gam3overUK is away the Boys will Play


This week Dr Wooly loses his PHD and is looking for new lawyers as his current firms use of crayons is questionable. StepJay trims the fat from his fingers and Viva la Pedros is re-accessing his managerial choices with the mighty doves. Gam3Over uk is missing this week as he has gone all Assassins Creed on us and travelled to India.

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TruSkill Games Podcast Episode 8: Not For The Faint Hearted


Check out this weeks Podcast with our host Viva La Pedros where he tells us how he enjoys being probed in places you really don't want things to be inserted in. StepJay causes an uproar with 2 members of the Podcast Team and Twitch members about how he HATES Zelda. Dr Woolly has watched the Simpsons Miami Vice intro and thought he would try his luck at being Ricardo Tubbs. Plus Game3overUK has been streaming on Twitch trying to get players to beat him for $10, will there ever be someone to take his crown?

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TruSkill Games Episode 7: Twitch Premier


This week Dr Wooly spends Christmas at the Ritz aka The Dr Wooly house hold, eating caviar and he finally finishes Bloodborne... Wooah! Gam3overUK cures Dr Wooly from all his illnesses, was Gam3overUK born in a stable all those years ago? Stepjay has just been relaxing for Christmas and gave way too many kisses to Gam3overUK because he likes to spread the love... Sloppy... And Viva La Pedros gets a Wii U finally! Listen to his views in this newly purchased console. Gam3overUK makes Christmas dinner even better by adding just a little bit of ketchup and Dr Wooly is in disarray and he gets a Xbox Elite controller! Massive thank you for Bobafettlv for being a good sport and all the great questions this week.

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TruSkill Games Episode 6: We are live on Twitch?


This week Dr Wooly has created a new structure to streamline our podcast, personally we think he has done a cracking job! Stepjay nearly killed someone and made out it’s something that normal people do every day. Will Viva La Pedros hold out longer than Jose Mourinho… find out... Gam3overUK changed his stage name to Zorro for the night and his mic seemed to have malfunctioned, sorry Pedro for the extra work :-( :-( :-(

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TruSkill Games Episode 5: Little Mermaid, Robin Hood and Legolas


This week Gam3overUK aka "The Godfather" admits in person his love for Dance Central, Coronation Street and his hatred for Dark Souls II. StepJay finally admits he is in love with male characters with blonde hair. Dr Wooly aka "Perv" is the King of Loop and demands a nice description from Boberfet! Our host Viva La Pedro needs to press that button on Champ Manager to go back on holiday...

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TruSkill Games Podcast Episode 4: Halo 5 Guardians Special


Gam3overUK is back, he found the Yetti and also had a few drinks in London where he was charged by the barman for pouring a drink, we learn that StepJay flips burgers while he waiters in his roller skates, Dr Woolly tells us about an awesome film that he has watched and Viva La Pedro is getting compliments by the opposite sex, wonder what his wife thinks of all of this? Other than that, we have been playing a small game called Halo 5. Learn what we think about the campaign, multiplayer, guns and the modes. We hope you enjoy this special and it gives you some indication on whether you should part with your hard earned cash to get this game.

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TruSkill Games Podcast Episode 3: That Pesky Yetti!


Gam3overUK is missing, presumed dead as he went off to chase the Yetti in the Himalayas and missed the birth of Lil'Pedrietta, we also believe Viva La Pedro missed it too, as he was so engrossed in his mobile phone games while his wife was giving birth. Dr Wooly has finally finished Batman, find out if he was happy with the ending. He also tells us how sadistic he is by forcing his girlfriend to watch Sci-Fi films and always nudging her when she nods off. We find out that StepJay is a Roller Skater Choir Boy and shows off his talent. He tells us some great tips to tune your controller with Forza 6. Next podcast will be a Halo Special!

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TruSkill Games Podcast Episode 2: Scheisse


Even more funnier than the first! This week, Stepjay learns a new phrase in German on his trip away to Berlin. Viva is trying to emulate the Mighty Ducks with his Sunday league football team. We find out that Dr Wolly loves the guitar crazed Eagles and Gam3overUK never found the Yetti.

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TruSkill Games Podcast Episode 1 This is the first of many to come


After a few practice rounds we hope you have something to listen to that you enjoy and laugh along to our comments. We kind of say what we think so please do not be offended if you hear some explicit words, we want to be honest to our listners and inform of them of any choices they are about to make. Our host Viva La Pedro will introduce you to the world of TruSkill Games and our team made up of StepJay, Dr Wolly and Gam3overUK are here to make you laugh and giggle for the entire podcast. Please do contact us @truskillgames for any feedback for content suggestions.

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